SHAYMA Exclusive Creations

At SHAYMA Exclusive Creations, we aspire to engage you with designs that take you to a new level of experience, one that can only be described as a journey full of stories that you will connect with and relate to at first sight. Set sail in an adventure that you will personally undertake to fulfill your quest of finding exquisite pieces that will adorn the beautiful feminine you.


The Jewelry designs are in LIMITED Editions made for Exclusive Women who love luxury. They are unique, very modern yet have their special aura.

" Every woman should explore and express her Hidden Side."


We also provide bespoke unique pieces upon request specially tailored to explore and express Your hidden side!


The pieces are made mainly of white or yellow 18ct gold, some contain diamonds, precious or semi-precious stones.


SHAYMA's designs were displayed in several countries (ex. Italy, Lebanon and the UK) and can be purchased in both Egypt and in the UAE.


Each piece of SHAYMA Exclusive Creations is made with passion and aims to speak to the whole world.



Shaymaa Halawa
Founder, Head of Design

Winner of the World Gold Council's Jewelry Design Contest.

Born in Cairo, Egypt, German educated, a unique mix that enhanced her senses with cultural diversities.

Graduated from Architecture with Honors, granted MBA and studied Jewelry.

As design is her passion, she practiced a multitude of design commissions starting from architecture & interior design to creative marketing projects and Jewelry.

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